Stefanie Travers became immersed in the world of horses as a young child. She was eventually able to transform passion into vocation. Her rich and varied experiences have included work as a professional farrier and in Natural Horsemanship and Foundation Development.

“My true passion and joy is helping to empower both the horse and human to their greatest potential and their own unique path.”

Meet Stefanie

Stefanie Travers was born on Vancouver Island. Her entire life has been shaped and moulded by her love of horses and art.

Farrier, trainer, teacher/learner and ardent philosopher of the horse, she has been exploring the deep soul connection we feel to these remarkable creatures since she could walk. Although her early years were spent in English attire and jumping, her deep love was always for the Western Dream, and soon she was running off to Spruce Meadows, cattle station work in the Australian outback, guide outfitting, and training for neighbours until it all evolved into a full-time occupation in the southern interior of BC. Learn more here.

The Gallery

Stefanie won accolades for two large paper mache sculptures in Island Art Shows in the late ‘90’s, but it wasn’t until spring of 2013 that she once again picked up a paint brush tentatively and has since been happily dragged along by it into a fascinating world of colour, light and expression. Most of her work has been commissioned by fellow horse lovers to commemorate their equine friends, an honour she has feels very privileged to do; each horse unique in it’s character, structure and essence. Beneath every painting are written words dedicated to the horse…words of love from owners, admiration for them and joy in celebrating a shared life that she felt would infuse the painting with that love. Enjoy!

Bridle Horse Development

The Californio Bridle Horse or Jaquima to Freno has been my personal love and ambition…and so has evolved into another aspect of what I get to share. In my mind and heart, this respectful method of developing a horse into a well-rounded, empowered and confident partner that is met by an equally developed rider that has developed right alongside the horse is brilliant. The levels of feel, timing and balance gained in every aspect, from the hackamore thru the two-rein and up into the bridle are second to none in my opinion.

The Cowgirl Re-union

In September 2015, best friends Stefanie Travers and Alexa Linton, came together with fifteen incredible women and their horses for three full days of adventure, connection and frolic. In the middle of it all, they looked at each other with awe and tears in their eyes as they realized that what they had created, The Cowgirl Re-union, had taken on a life of it’s own. Join Stefanie this July at 7 Half Diamond Ranch and in Alberta for the adventure of a lifetime!

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On the road to the Unknown

On the road to the Unknown

Four months… incredible. It’s been four months now since I packed up my little house on the Nicola River into either the 8’x12′ storage unit or into my new 30 foot home on wheels, affectionately known as the Palomino Palace and took off in surrender to the unknown....

Thank you Stefanie. I can not tell you how much I cherish this portrait. You captured his soul…. now I have to cry again. I miss him….

Painting above “Monte”

Ute Sandifer